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Innovative mid to end of life commercial aviation investments

Dublin based K2 Aviation is a global commercial aircraft lessor investing in and managing portfolios of commercial aircraft and engines. K2 Aviation was founded in 2024 by aviation veterans who have a combined in-depth experience of over 100 years in the aviation industry through multiple economic cycles. Effectively a relaunch of Kahala Aviation, a prominent lessor in the aviation industry since the early 2000s, K2 Aviation has extensive expertise in managing, servicing, acquiring, trading and structuring large portfolios of aircraft and engines in the regional, narrowbody and widebody industry segments involving both passenger and cargo operators. 

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During their respective careers the executives at K2 Aviation have acquired hundreds of aircraft, ranging from brand new OEM manufactured aircraft to ageing passenger aircraft that were re-leased to follow on operators, converted to freighters, or parted out. The team has the technical capability to manage complex and highly regulated processes such as the conversion of passenger aircraft to freighters, the return and transition of off-lease aircraft, or the dismantling of the asset for part-out to maximize the return to investors. 

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K2 Aviation is a full-service asset management platform with the technical and market expertise to manage aircraft investments through every phase of the economic cycle. The focus is to create the best possible outcome for investors and maximize value of each asset through:

  • lease extension

  • remarketing 

  • parting out of assets

  • converting aircraft to freighters

K2’s experience trading assets in difficult jurisdictions and comprehensive technical management capability provides the ability to find creative solutions and optimization strategies to maximize returns. Additionally, the team’s exposure to multiple economic cycles provides expertise in working through issues such as repossessions and redeployment, as well as the general ability to react and minimize downside in distress scenarios. 

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K2 Aviation’s global network of decision makers among worldwide airlines and the lessor community provides the company with real-time market knowledge that allows it to take advantage of its world class remarketing and trading platform. This comprehensive ability to remarket widebody, narrowbody and regional aircraft and engines on a global basis enables us to not only maximize the return on aviation assets for the clients and investors, but also recognize and navigate jurisdictional challenges.

commercial aircraft leasing and investment



K2 has developed, and actively maintains, long-standing relationships in the global financial community, which allows the offering of innovative financing options to the aviation industry.

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